Nail Care

Artificial or acrylic nails are very pretty. You can have them at any length and any color. They can last a long time but require getting rebased (refilled) every two weeks. Acrylic nails are also known as fake nails, artificial nails that are glued tips and apply Acrylic powder onto the real nails.

Acrylic Full Set $24.99

Acrylic Fill In Only $15

White Tip Acrylic Full Set $30

Acrylic Overlay $24.99

Gel Powder Full Set $30

Gel Powder Fill In Only $20

White Tip Gel Powder Full Set $35

“Pink and White” refers to the use of two colors of acrylic applied to the nails to produce a more permanent, natural-looking “French” manicure look. The tips of the nails are sculpted using white acrylic. The base of the nail is then overlaid with warm or cool pink, depending on your skin tone.

Pink and White Full Set $40

Pink and White Fill In Only $30

Pink Fill In Only $20

Seashells Nails/Glitter Nails Set $45

Seashells Nails/Glitter Nails Fill In Only $35

Liquid Gel nails are an extremely natural-looking enhancement: thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, nonporous and resist lifting. Liquid Gel nails can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays and sculpted on to forms for short extensions and to help encapsulate a damage-free edge as it grows out. Benefits of Gel nails: odorless, natural feeling, thin, flexible, crystal clear, light weight, n atural looking and no lifting.

Liquid Gel Set $35

Liquid Gel Fill In Only $25

Liquid Gel Pink and White Set $45

Liquid Gel Pink and White Fill In Only $35

Take off w/New Set $5

Take of w/out Renewing $10

Repair Nail (one nail) $3

Polish Change (Hands or Toes)* $8

French Polish Change $10

Gel Polish Color* $15

*Add $5 for French